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about racing watch

The history, the background, how it come to be and the direction we’re taking moving forward.

About Racing Watch

How we started out

Racing Watch was established in 2008 due to a huge shortfall of quality information available to Owners, Trainers, Riders and Punters alike.
Starting in racing as a Bookmakers clerk in 2000 – it was quickly identifiable that there were various sides to the industry that all had their “edges”. We had all manner of clients betting with us that managed to profit through different information sources. Understanding how they gained their individual advantages and combining them became the challenge at hand.

Early knowledge base

trackwork & breeding

First step was to acquire as much knowledge about the training and conditioning of race horses as possible. This was achieved through first hand on sight work experience with a leading Sydney stable. Three months of 3am starts was certainly enough for me – but definitely plenty of value in the experience of what it takes to develop a racehorse. This knowledge base has been added to over the years through constant contact with many leading trainers, work riders and riders. Everyone has their own methods – but the basis of the best way to prepare horses for particular events is fairly universal.

Next area of knowledge to expand was that of the Breeding sector. Time was spent investigating the different methodologies of Stallion selection. The differences between breeding for speed and stamina. Development of foals from birth and the massive affect the environment has on horses going forward throughout their entire career – both physically and their mental attitude. Probably the least used skill set when compiling form – but does certainly have an impact when analysing unraced runners.

developing new skillsets

wagering, syndicates & bookmaking

Clearly the most influential part of my “racing education” took place when securing a job with a highly respected racing syndicate in Sydney. Their training process in Video Watching and Pace/Bias identification was extensive and certainly an exceptional platform to build upon. Their strong theories and beliefs have obviously been honed over many years and have stood the test of time.

The last stop in my formal racing education took place when jumping the fence and going to work for a corporate bookmaker. Learning to transform form study into accurately priced markets was certainly a strong tool to possess. Running these markets through the acid test on a daily basis certainly exposed any areas of weakness , which could then be worked upon. The environment of risk management for a busy corporate certainly also helped to further my trading skills.

latest chapter

Racingwatch service

Over many years attending countless race meetings, I have certainly had the pleasure of meeting other like minded racing tragics’ that have also had a strong influence over my development in one way or another, from the huge advantage that competent Mounting Yard information provides to the endless search for the best betting strategies to extract the most out of every meeting. The beauty of this industry is that if you keep an open mind you can really learn from anyone – making your own mind along the way as to what works best for you. There are many ways to skin the same cat.