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THE PLAN: Wyong today – transferred meeting from Scone. Rail +2m and should be a very firm track. Fence might be a minor disadvantage in the straight – but can see it being very difficult to run on.


R2 #7 Chiswick – Fast horse that was butchered on debut – went fast early and the rider panicked and tried to restrain – allowed the field to come back to her before trying to take off again. Very solid effort under the circumstances. This is a softer assignment and simply looks to fast for these with any sort of a ride.


R3 #3 Ta Chanson – Quality horse on debut that trialled up around this circuit earlier in the week. The horse it went with in that trial I think will be competitive against the highest level when produced. Has been a little scratchy out of the gates – hoping that with race experience he will jump cleaner and if he finds an on pace position thing he will take all sorts of holding out. Nothing else really stood out of the other triallers. Possibly Sunfighter and Sunreel the main threats.

SUGGESTED BETTING: Use in Multi – 3 Units Ta Chanson @ $5 with various if Chiswick is beaten.

R7 – Was all set to tip Daytime Dancer here – but if the inside is not the place to be – this horse will be in trouble. Not enough edge in the price to be taking the risk of betting early.


Chiswick / Ta Chanson – 3U


R4: 1,3,4
R5: 3
R6: 7 / 4
R7: 3-5