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R1 –  Keen to bet around Kanga’s Eye here – really think the horse looks under the pump. If Keeva finds the front and We Could Be Heroes rolled forward outside it – I would be very keen on We Could Be Heroes. However that is FAR from clear cut and prices not allowing for much wiggle room. So staying out here.

R2 – If Oxford Angel had found a regular Country Maiden – or had a touch more natural speed – I would be beyond declaring it and excited about the $2.70. However this looks a pretty strong race and there are certainly at least two query runners – on top of where Oxford will be in the run. Bestowal has pace and they clearly tried to hide its true ability in latest trial. Artefiori trialled like a very nice horse – stablemate has franked the form and while I doubt 1100m from an inside gate is ideal – she looks a nightmare to hold out if she gets the breaks. No betting – but a very deep maiden and great contest – Oxford Angel clearly the horse to beat.

R3 – Spencer has been backed early as if unbeatable – not taking a great deal of notice of that. Thought he had beyond every chance last time and for him to justify his price today – needed to lead and control. Not exactly something Greg Ryan likes to do on a regular basis. La Biere Choisie was the horse that interested me the most – blinkers on today and looks well setup to peak today.

SUGGESTED BETTING: La Biere Choisie each way if you want to play here.

R5 – Was interested in a three horse play here. Base Camp (1U) – Woomera (3.5U) and Charsea’s Gift (1.5U). Unfortunately I think Woomera will be ridden conservatively and is not a strong enough animal to over come a bias against. The other two could possibly be suited – but it looks too ugly a race now to take part in. Not betting.

R7 – Dan Roy was the other runner I was interested in – the rider scares the life out of me and was always going to limit the bet size – should hopefully go forward and if it gets outside the leader – should give a big sight.

SUGGESTED BETTING: Small play on Dan Roy