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Trial Conclusion

As of Tuesday, August 1 the trial period will be concluded. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to look at what we have to offer. The following products will all be available to subscribers only from that point going forward:

  • Daily Information/Live Updates + Detailed Sheets
  • Meeting Video Previews/Reviews
  • Live Chat
  • Horses 2 Follow
  • Education Articles accessible through Racing Watch Resource Centre


Trial Results

Results during the trial period (From July 1) have certainly exceeded our expectations:

From July 1, 2017                                                     From January 1, 2016                                              
120 Total Selections                                                   1772 Total Selections
330 Unit Outlay                                                          5031 Unit Outlay
520 Unit Return                                                          6279 Unit Return
+190 Unit Profit                                                        +1248 Unit Profit
57.5% Profit on Turnover                                           24.8% Profit on Turnover

Just a warning on short term results – whilst we certainly work for them to repeat at a consistent rate – history shows it is impossible to do so. There will be peaks and troughs and you just need to try and keep a level mindset and approach.


Introductory Offer

For a very limited time, we are excited to present everything we offer for one small, weekly fee of $22 week. The package we most recently offered to clients for $88 per week – has now been upgraded with far more features.

We are attempting to build much more than a regular “tipping service” – our goal is to provide the facility, and to encourage a racing community environment where all genuine subscribers are able to access information provided at their own leisure or have a chance to provide feedback and/or contribute input via our Live Chat to improve the site for everybody’s benefit.

We have tried to keep the cost as low as possible in order to encourage as many on board as possible – to both build the community and spread the costs involved in the up keep of the site. We would much rather have many people benefiting and contributing than a select few who simply desire access to the information provided.

This offer will be valid until August 6 – at which time we will review pricing. With the weekly subscriptions there are no lock in contracts, you can terminate the service at any time.

You can sign up to subscribe by clicking here.


Thank you..

Thanks again for taking part in the trial. Any feedback or ideas on ways to improve any of the services are always welcomed and appreciated.

Hope to have you on board moving forward, and if not, all the best with your punting!